Southern Tier Bike Ride Beginning Feb 22, 2018

Welcome to my blog on my cross country Southern United States Bicycle Ride. This ride was completed in Spring 2018, from February 22nd to April 5th. The intention was to follow the Southern Tier route, but we found better roads for our purposes of travel. Our ride was unsupported and covered an average of 70 miles a day, which is fairly aggressive. With minor changes to the traditional Southern Tier route we were able to reduce the total miles by 400, while crossing the entire USA, and maintain safe travels and a stay at a hotel, motel or B&B every night. Each day I will review the travels and note anything that may be helpful for other travelers. If you like some creature comforts while doing bike touring, my blog may be good to follow. I have nothing against camping and in fact really like to camp. I just don't like to camp when I do long distance bike rides. After 7 to 10 hours on a bike seat, I want a good meal, warm shower and soft bed. Here is a summary of the trip:

  • Bike on average 70 miles a days. Some days close to 100 miles and some as little at 45.
  • Sleep in motels, hotels, B& B's
  • Travel light - minimal clothes, and gear. Focusing on the ability to move long distance daily. Light still requires a fair amount of gear and weight in liquid and food, (due to distances of 40 t0 60 miles between towns in the first half of the country – East bound)
  • Unsupported.Supported takes all the fun out of it!
Enjoy this blog and feel free to contact me with questions.
Follow Day by Day

This is the official Southern Tier Route. We will deviate from this route slightly and stay closer to the Mexican border in the initial 2 states. This essentially is the route...

Day to Day Updates

Day 1. Feb 22,2018. San Diego to Spring Valley CA.
Day 2. Feb 23,2018. Spring Valley to Jacumba CA.
Day 3. Feb 24,2018. Jacumba CA to El Centro CA.
Day 4. Feb 25,2018. El Centro CA to Wellton AZ.
Day 5. Feb 26,2018. Wellton AZ to Gila Bend AZ.
Day 6. Feb 27,2018. Gila Bend AZ to Casa Grande AZ.
Day 7. Feb 28,2018. Casa Grande AZ to Tucson AZ.
Day 8. March 1,2018. Tucson AZ. DAY OFF!.
Day 9. March 2,2018. Tucson AZ to Benson AZ.
Day 10. March 3,2018. Benson AZ to Bisbee AZ.
Day 11. March 4,2018. Bisbee AZ to Rodeo New Mexico.
Day 12. March 5,2018. Rodeo NM to Columbus NM
Day 13. March 6,2018. Columbus NM to El Paso TX
Day 14. March 7,2018. El Paso TX to Fort Hancock TX
Day 15. March 8,2018. Fort Hancock TX to Van Horn TX
Day 16. March 9,2018. Van Horn, shuttle to Balmorhea TX and bike to Fort Stockton TX
Day 17. March 10,2018. Fort Stockton, TX to Iraan, TX
Day 18. March 11,2018. Iraan, TX to Ozona TX
Day 19. March 12,2018. Ozona TX to Sonora, TX
Day 20. March 13,2018. Sonora TX to Junction TX
Day 21. March 14,2018. Junction Texas – Day Off!
Day 22. March 15,2018. Junction TX to Fredericksburg TX
Day 23. March 16,2018. Fredericksburg TX to Austin TX
Day 24. March 17,2018. Day off Austin TX
Day 25. March 18,2018. Austin city limits to Brenham TX
Day 26. March 19,2018. Brenham TX to Conroe TX
Day 27. March 20,2018. Conroe TX to Kountz TX
Day 28. March 21,2018. Kountz TX to Vinton LA
Day 29. March 22,2018. Vinton LA to Crowley LA
Day 30. March 23,2018. Crowley LA. Day off
Day 31. March 24,2018. Crowley, LA to Livonia LA
Day 32. March 25,2018. Livonia LA to Hammond LA
Day 33. March 26,2018. Hammond LA to Slidell LA
Day 34. March 27,2018. Slidell LA to Ocean Springs MS
Day 35. March 28,2018. Ocean Springs MS to Mobile AL
Day 36. March 29,2018. Mobile AL. Day off
Day 37. March 30,2018. Mobile AL to Milton FL
Day 38. March 31,2018. Milton FL to Ponce De Leon FL
Day 39. April 1,2018. Ponce De Leon FL to Snead's FL
Day 40. April 2,2018. Snead's FL to Monticello FL
Day 41. April 3,2018. Monticello FL to Live Oak FL.
Day 42. April 4,2018. Live Oak FL to Macclenny FL
Day 43. April 5,2018. Macclenny FL to Jacksonville Beach FL - to the Atlantic Ocean!